Delivering your grain faster

Our competitive prices are just the start

Just like our electronic payments, delivering to a GrainsConnect elevator is fast and seamless. You’ll be through our facilities and back to your properties sooner, as our auto samplers and high capacity unloading capabilities will have your grain into our 35,000mt elevators faster – with drivers never having to leave their trucks!

But that’s not all. Our locations in Maymont, Reford, Huxley and Vegreville have been strategically chosen to service growers who currently travel furthest to deliver their grain, reducing your time on the road – just another value we offer to growers.

Connecting more growers to more markets

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Construction Timeline

GrainCorp and GrainsConnect Canada are pleased to announce that our Maymont, Saskatchewan terminal is operational and accepted its first deliveries in October 2017. Thank you to area growers, suppliers, government officials and industry stakeholders for their support and interest!

GrainCorp and GrainsConnect Canada look forward to the opening of our Reford terminal in the spring of 2018.

Please contact a member of our team to learn more about our game-changing supply chain.

Spring 2016

Maymont Terminal construction commences.

Summer 2017

Maymont Terminal construction complete.

Fall 2017

Maymont Terminal is fully operational.

Spring 2018

Reford Terminal will be fully operational. Construction has commenced for Huxley and Vegreville terminals.

Summer 2018

Huxley and Vegreville terminal completion dates to be announced.