Connect to North America, connect globally

As a leading international agribusiness, GrainCorp provides customers with unparalleled access to Canadian, American and global markets. GrainCorp actively manages and owns an end-to-end supply chain, offering a competitive marketplace, quality assurances and connections to local and global markets.

  • 100+ active buyers
  • GrainsConnect Canada, a game-changing supply chain in Western Canada
  • Exporting to 30+ countries
  • 300,000 million tonnes of oilseed refining capacity
  • GrainCorp is a top 5 global commercial maltster and includes Canada Malting

A GrainCorp inland storage terminal – GrainsConnect Canada in Maymont, Saskatchewan

Our operations at a glance

Our global portfolio of premier grain storage, handling and processing assets are ideally positioned to meet demand from the world’s most rapidly growing regions.

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GrainCorp Global Operations Map


Extensive accumilation network



Storage and handling capacity


Marketing offices exporting to 30+ countries

Road & Rail & Container

Connectivity and efficient turnaround


Bulk grain ports and 14 bulk/liquids terminals

Malt & Oil

A key end producer of malt and oils

Robust Grower Generation Programs - Quality Standards

GrainCorp works closely with growers to educate them on market dynamics, global trends and other requirements for end-use customers. Quality assurance is accurate and reliable. Testing begins with growers and merchants prior to contract agreements. Further testing is done along the supply chain by third party assurance professionals. GrainCorp teams are experts in their respective areas, and our inside and local edge benefits growers and helps end-use commercial operations access these growers.

Integrated Businesses

GrainCorp has a diverse range of grain storage, handling, marketing and processing operations. Through an integrated supply chain, we market grain to local and global markets, and we are a large buyer of grain and oilseeds for our malt and oils businesses.


From the gate to international export markets, GrainCorp’s ownership of key supply chain assets allows us to source, store, handle and transport grain efficiently and securely.

  • Significant receiving and storage sites globally including over 140,000 tonnes of storage capacity in Western Canada
  • Dedicated rail capacity in Western Canada through GrainsConnect Canada
  • An international network of offices across four continents
  • Domestic and international marketing teams


Our ownership and management of key assets in the oilseed supply chain, along with our size and quality assurance, means we are able to produce high quality products at competitive prices.

  • Global crushing and storage operations
  • Production of animal liquid feeds
  • Bulk liquid terminals in Australia, New Zealand and China

Our ownership and management of key assets in the oilseed supply chain, along with our size and quality assurance, means we are able to produce high quality products at competitive prices.


GrainCorp Malt offers expertise and tailored relationships with the advantage of a single point of contact globally.

  • Global footprint offering security of supply
  • Malting capacity of 1.5 million tonnes per year
  • Newly expanded malting capacities in the United States
  • A 100+ year history in Canada through Canada Malting


GrainCorp’s combination of culture, values, procedures, history and capabilities are rare in the organic sector. Customers receive services and assurances that other suppliers cannot provide.

  • Traceability processes provide organic integrity
  • Direct sourcing from organic producers in the main organic production region in Canada, as well as sourcing capability from alternate origins in conjunction with our sister company Saxon Agriculture, a European leader in organics
  • Detailed, innovative and customer focused employees working to provide quality product and service to our customers
  • Organic Certified Supplier – GrainCorp Canada is Certified by Pro Cert

Significant assets and investment, from terminal to port

In 2016, GrainCorp celebrated 100 years of growth. Having formed in Australia in 1916, GrainCorp has grown into a leading international agribusiness and agrifoods processor, connecting growers and customers around the globe. Licensed and bonded with the Canadian Grain Commission, GrainCorp’s local knowledge and global insights will help connect growers and commercial customers.

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